Camtex Fabrics Ltd was alerted to the counterfeiting incident in September 2003. As part of its ongoing Trademark Protection Programme, they purchased a pair of Storm boots advertised as having a Cambrelle® lining.

The company importing and distributing the offending boots, PFL IMPORT/EXPORT Ltd admitted contracting the manufacture of the safety boots in China for distribution in the UK. An out of court settlement was reached through solicitors Baines Wilson, England.

As part of this settlement PFL agreed to pay damages to Camtex Fabrics Ltd for the infringement of their Trademark and all costs incurred. PFL also disclosed the details of the two China-based companies that had supplied the Storm boots.

Camtex Fabrics Ltd takes counterfeiting matters very seriously and appointed the prestigious law firm Bird & Bird, Hong Kong to pursue the culprits in China. Senior investigators interviewed the two accused companies who admitted they had violated the Cambrelle® trademarks. Undisclosed settlements have been reached as an alternative to imprisonment.

Kieran O’Hare, managing director of Camtex Fabrics, said: “Our decision to take such severe action has been done to protect ourselves and for the benefit of the customers. Cambrelle® is associated with high standards and when someone purchases a product containing Cambrelle® they expect the best possible quality from their footwear, something that none of the counterfeit Cambrelle® products are able to offer. Altogether, the Cambrelle® trademark is protected in over 70 countries around the world.

“Though we have so far held back from taking action against retailers found selling the bogus footwear, it is another option available to us – and one that we may choose to take if the current situation continues.”


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