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Cambrelle Copyright

Cambrelle® Copyright

Cambrelle® is a registered trademark of Camtex Fabrics Limited.



Today’s consumers are at the mercy of modern society’s demands. They’re constantly on the move, and so are their feet…and it’s their feet that have to cope with the values that society imposes on them.

Values evolve over time, but currently, we live in a throw-away society. Meanwhile Cambrelle® believes in longevity, reliability, and durability. Our footwear linings offer high-performance moisture management and abrasion resistance, and comfort, but endurance and strength have helped us win the race. In an internationally recognized Martindale test, the Cambrelle® lining survived an amazing 120,000 rubs compared to only 10,000 achieved by some look-alike materials.

The pique design and the Cambrelle® name is well-known and protected by law around the world. Although imitation may be the highest form of flattery, look-alike products fail to perform at the same high standard as Cambrelle® footwear linings. As such, we take trademark protection very seriously—and prosecute!