Camtex Fabrics, producers of Cambrelle® the World’s leading branded shoe lining, recently became the first company from the Lake District, an area of stunning hills, lakes and views, visited yearly by millions of walkers from around the world, to advertise at Guangzhou International Airport in China. Cumbria, the part of the Lake District where Cambrelle is based, is one of UK’s most beautiful counties.

Cambrelle® shoe linings, which have been manufactured in Cumbria since the 70s, are used in some of the World’s leading footwear brands including Adidas, Rockport, Puma and Kickers but, in a bid to attract even more of the industry’s big names, they have stepped up their marketing with an advertising campaign in Asia.

Guangzhou International Airport was chosen as one of the key advertising destinations for the distinctive pique-patterned lining as it is located in the world’s largest area of shoe manufacturing. The majority of international brands manufacture their footwear in the Southern China area, so Cambrelle® will capture the all-important attention of company officials as soon as they step foot in to the Country.

When translated from Chinese to English, the advertisement reads ‘Never use an imitation – not even once.’ The emphasis on using genuine Cambrelle® products is a result of the company’s long history of fighting imitators unlawfully benefiting from the lining’s established reputation worldwide. Cambrelle® has also been involved in a trademark protection campaign and had to resort to legal action against counterfeiters to protect its trademark and the famous pique pattern.

Kieran O’Hare, managing director of Camtex Fabrics, said: “As an internal lining, Cambrelle® has never been the footwear world’s most visible product, but we can make the brand visible through advertising campaigns such as this. It‘s extremely rare that shoe components are advertised in such prestigious locations – it’s normally only the end product brands that do, but we identified what a good profile-raising opportunity it would be for Cambrelle®, and to some extent for the Lake District.”

The advertisement has also been a morale-boosting exercise for staff at the Camtex plant, as it sends out a clear signal that the company is being proactive in getting the product they manufacture noticed and used by the rest of the world.

Camtex will be continuing to promote Cambrelle® in the vital Asian market in the future.


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