Globally renowned as the world’s leading shoe lining for comfort, durability and moisture management, Cambrelle® is now available with Celliant®.

Celliant® is a patented blend of thirteen optically responsive minerals that absorb the energy the body emits and recycles it back to the body. Celliant® states that fabrics made from its fibres improve blood circulation and increase tissue oxygen levels by over 7% enabling cells to metabolize glucose into ATP (muscle fuel). This helps improve performance, endurance, stamina and strength as well as reducing pain, aiding muscle recovery and healing.

Camtex Fabric’s Managing Director, Kieran O’Hare said: “The new Cambrelle® with Celliant® range enables Cambrelle® to remain at the forefront of shoe linings and compliments our already impressive range which include, Recycled Cambrelle® which is now made in both the UK and China.”