Conductive footwear is designed to minimise electrostatic build-up, thereby avoiding the risk of spark ignition and reducing the risk of electric shock. In tests undertaken by SATRA, Cambrelle® Conduct was found to have an average electrical resistance of 4.3 k ohms – 0.7 k ohms below the upper limit recommended by SATRA for components used in conductive footwear.

Kieran O’Hare, Cambrelle® Business Manager explains that to comply with European Standard EN344-1 clause for conductive footwear, all under-foot components other than the sole unit should be as conductive as possible. The electrical resistance of the final shoe should not exceed the 100 k ohms maximum limit. Cambrelle® Conduct incorporates a special fibre that helps dissipate electrical charge and with an average value of 4.3 k ohms has been designed to enable shoemakers meet EN344-1. This new lining retains all the legendary abrasion resistance and wicking properties of original Cambrelle® and is therefore compatible with all types of safety boot.

In common with the rest of the Cambrelle® range of linings, Cambrelle® Conduct is available in a selection of different colours.

Date: 25.11.02
PR Ref: 1004


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