With sustainability rising up corporate agendas, Camtex Fabrics, the maker of world-renowned Cambrelle® shoe linings, has introduced fabrics with increased recycled content – as favoured by Timberland for its Earthkeeper range.

With its Earthkeeper shoes, boots and clothing, Timberland is trying to “reduce its impact on the planet and make better gear” – and so needed a shoe lining that would fit with its goals; it turned to Camtex Fabrics for a solution.

“Timberland asked us to develop a fabric that had at least 50% recycled content,” explains Camtex Fabrics chief executive Kieran O’Hare, “so we used a polyester product that comes from recycled polyester bottles.”

Camtex Fabrics is currently researching and creating innovative fabrics that have increased recycled or sustainable content, coming from certifiable sources, and can help its clients boost their environmental credentials.

“Lots of companies are now trying to show the customer that they are not consuming as much energy as they once did; they’re using materials from sustainable sources or materials that are recycled – and this is something we can help them with,” adds Mr O’Hare.

About Cambrelle®:

The bi-component fibres in Cambrelle® mean the non-woven fabric is consistent across the lining, making it hardwearing and adding to the cushioning effect to create a constant, comfortable micro-climate around the foot. As it is so effective at dispersing moisture, the lining also helps to prevent staining of the shoe upper from excess moisture and prevents the build-up of bacteria that can cause mildew, rot and odour.

Camtex Fabrics is headquartered in Cumbria, UK, and has manufacturing facilities in the north of England and China.
Cambrelle® is trusted by global footwear brands around the world.

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