Cambrelle® Pique

Cambrelle® PIQUE

writing and editing services Cambrelle® Pique is the world's leading comfort lining.

medical coding homework help best online writing service Available in any colour, Cambrelle® Pique lining provides the highest level of abrasion resistance, comfort and moisture management. essay in englisch schreiben proofreading documents examples The bi-component fibres in Cambrelle® mean the lining constantly adapts to the motion of the foot and the footwear, while providing the highest level of abrasion resistance. This in turn produces countless microscopic air pockets that allow air to circulate and add to the cushioning effect to create a constant, comfortable micro-climate around the foot. essay about gravity

Pique Technical Data

Mean Area Weightg/sqm120150180
Breaking LoadN/mmMD2.12.63.2
Modulus at 15% ExtensionN/mmMD1.01.31.5
Wing Tear StrengthNMD172022
Abrasion Resistancerevolutions
(Dry Martindale)Face.>100.000.>100.000.>100.000
(Wet Martindale)Face.>12,800.>12,800.>12,800
Pilling Resistance Rating
(Brush and Sponge)Face5/45/45/4
(5 no pilling, 1 severe pilling)Back444

Explanatory Notes

israel palestine essay good college essay MD: tested in machine direction of fabric (Warp). essay on slavery and abolitionism

why is black history month important essay essay writers online CD: tested in cross direction of fabric (Weft).

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