Cambrelle Cambrelle

How it works

Technology in motion

It is the complex technology and engineered structure of Cambrelle® linings that set them apart from the rest in terms of comfort and performance.

What is Cambrelle®?

It offers:
Abrasion resistance,
Moisture management, through
Bi-component fibres, for a…
Lining that goes the…
Extra mile

Protecting the foot climate

The bi-component fibres in Cambrelle® mean the lining constantly adapts to the motion of the foot and the footwear, while providing the highest level of abrasion resistance. This in turn produces countless microscopic air pockets that allow air to circulate and add to the cushioning effect to create a constant, comfortable micro-climate around the foot.

Staying cool

The lining transports moisture away from the foot, storing it away and releasing it back into the environment when the footwear is removed. Cambrelle® is so efficient at moisture management that it is fully capable of absorbing three-and-a-half times its own weight in moisture keeping the foot cooler, drier, and more comfortable.

Appearance is everything

Cambrelle® not only keeps the feet dry, cool, and comfortable, it also protects the shoe itself. As it is so effective at dispersing moisture, the lining also helps to prevent staining of the upper from excess moisture and prevents the build-up of bacteria that can cause mildew, rot and odour.