Cambrelle Cambrelle

Cambrelle®+ with Amicor

When the heat is on, we need protection against bacteria that can cause odours and mildew. Cambrelle®+ helps to prevent the growth of bacteria to:

• inhibit potential odours
• minimise unsightly stains and mildew
• prolong the life of the footwear

All-round protection

Deriving its added properties from a specialty fibre, AMICOR+ with locked in anti-bacterial agents, Cambrelle®+ lends itself to a host of footwear including athletic shoes, outdoor boots and work boots as well as casual footwear.

The sweet smell of success

Cambrelle®+ linings meet international textile standards for permanent hygienic properties and as they remain effective, even after 200 wash cycles, they last the lifetime of the footwear, making the sweet smell of success a permanent feature in shoes.